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C# SDK Issue - How to use ARB UpdateSubscription method?


I am having problems using the ARB (automated recurring billing) UpdateSubscription function in the C# SDK. It seems I am being forced to use one of the create methods such as CreateMonthly to create a SubscriptionRequest to pass to the UpdateSubscription method. When I do this, however, I am getting the following error back from


Error processing request: E00013 - Start Date cannot be changed.


I am guessing that the start date gets established when the subscription is created. I don't want to create a new subscription, however - I just want to update the credit card info on an existing subscription.


Has anybody been successful using this method? Anybody have any code that they can share? It seems odd to me that I am forced to create a new SubscriptionRequest in order to update credit card info on a subscription.





Looking at the SDK source, it look like it always update the startdate. Download the SDKs source or sample code and fix/change it.


Does that mean you are interpreting this as a bug? I'm inclined to think so. I can certainly fix this myself, but is there an official channel to report this and get it fixed in the SDK for others?



The mods troll the boards every now and then and look for posts about bugs, they'll run across this eventually.

Yes, this is a bug. I  just had the same problem.  When you test everything on the same day you won't get the error because it transmits that day's date.  You have to update something on a different day.


Thankfully my soap implementation from last night's problem made this one pretty easy to get around.   I already had everything wired.  If you have Visual Studio, WCF / Service References really makes it much easier than the old days.

This was listed as fixed on 3/13/2012 in the 1.7.1 release.  Just letting anyone know who comes across this post.