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CCV Problem

I have implemented an AIM solution for my client in php requiring CCV. The solution is based on sample code and works perfectly in the sandbox, which returns the expected responses to the sample CVV numbers provided by


However, on the live site, my client is experiencing a large percentage of DECLINES, which cite error code 2 -65. I can see nothing in the code to account for this.


Any ideas would be appreciated.


Sound like they are rejecting based on some of the response.

Need to know the CCV response code to see why it is rejected.

Card Code Response
Value: The card code verification (CCV) response code
M = Match
N = No Match
P = Not Processed
S = Should have been present
U = Issuer unable to process request
Notes: Indicates the result of the CCV filter.
For more information about CCV, see the Merchant Integration Guide at

They're getting "No Match".


However, when they enter the card information through the Merchant Terminal, they always are accepted.

Check your code to see if it get pass correctly. 


On test account, it always 'P' not processed, unless you are doing one of the triggering specific transaction response (900 for match, etc)

First, thanks for taking time with this.


I pass the sample CCV numbers correctly in the Sandbox, which returns the expected responses (Match for 900, No Match for 901, etc.).


However, on the live site, we're getting a lot of DECLINES due to CCV mismatch. Each of these is accepted when input through the Merchant console. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to the declines, either. Occurs for multiple card types.

so, if it work is merchant account and not working thru AIM, then somewhere in the code is not passing the value correctly. Can you run test on the test account to see if it pass the value correctly?