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CIM Delete Payment Profile Question

If one deletes a payment profile I assume that charges made through this profile will be kept but can't be viewed by way of profile history.  If one needs to, can the payment be credited or worked with in any way since the profile has been deleted? 


I am thinking that on my end I should not delete or update a profile if any transaction has been made through it until some date down the road when it is sure there is no need for the information.  


How do others handle deleting or updating payment profiles?   I would assume that this would also be true for deleteing Customer profiles.  In my case this is not a website system but an application system.




According to the documentation, you have to issue the same payment profile ID that was associated with the transaction. So it may not be possible to issue a void or refund if the profile has been removed. The big question is, since voids and refunds are issued against unsettled transactions, does a transaction settle if the associated payment profile has been removed before settlement, or is it eliminated? To get that answer we either need a mod to answer, or someone needs to test for that specific thing and see what happens.


- Create payment profile

- Create charge on profile

- Delete payment profile

- Does the charge settle the next day?


I can see where a void will not be settled but a refund should already be settled or it can still be delt with as a void.  Am I correct.  Refund is the biggest issue I see for me.

A refund is not the same thing as a void, because you could theoretically issue a partial refund.


EDIT: You could issue an unlinked credit using a different billing profile, theoretically.

Did anyone ever get a response about this? Original poster -- what was your solution? Did you allow profiles to be deleted?