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CIM getCustomerProfileIds request returns more profiles than listed on web

I am receiving 6068 profile IDs via the API, but the web lists 5721. There are profiles in the API request that are not found when searching in the web interface.


This is causing Thanks.


Continuing to investigate... it appears at least one of these mysterious profile IDs is a profile created as a result of an ARB subscription.... This is surprising to me as I thought ARB and CIM are totally separate...


Since I have a legitimate CIM profile for customers, and some ARB subscriptions, how can I keep the ARB profiles out of my CIM API results?


Hello @monki


A project is underway to make recurring billing use customer profiles to store customer and payment data.  However, that project is still underway.  The first two phases are now complete, and the third phase to enable API access to these profiles.  Until that is complete, you can view and use the profiles, but you cannot make changes through the API.



Will the ARB created CIM profiles, which already exist now, eventually be exposed to the CIM web interface? Confusing right now...

Also is there anyway to differentiate between ARB created CIM profiles and others? Right now this is creating mismanagement in my CIM solution due to duplicate profiles existing.