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CIM integration sample

Hi! I just downloaded the sample of "Hosted popup for single paymentshipping".
I open the page and there are three buttons. If I click one, its supposed to open a popup form from

The thing is that I got "The page has timed out. Please go back to the beginning and try again."

I look at the code and it says "".

What do I do if I want to show the popup form?

thank you in advance :)


Did you change the token?


How do I request for a new one?
Or make a new one?

Read the doc

Chapter on Using a Hosted Form

Thank you!
I just post the XML and I got the generated token from the response.
Now the form from is showing on the sample !

One last question.
The token that i got expires? 
Or that token is for the specific account?

It only for your loginID/transactionKey

and it expire after 15min


Thank you.
This is new for me.
now it says "Customer Information Manager is not enabled."


Login to your merchant account,

It as settings under Account - Settings.