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CIM live transaction error E00027/ response 207

I have do live transction and getting following error on charge transction




<text>This transaction has been declined</text></message></messages>

<directResponse>2,2,207,This transaction has been declined............auth_capture



So what is your question? Why is it declined? The card issuing bank is declining the card for reasons only they know. But if the card is declined then the transaction is processing successfully.

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Error code 207 says:


This error code applies only to merchants on FDC Omaha. The merchant account is closed.

Merchant account closed mean credit card has been closed?


I would assume so.'s services sit on top of the merchant services - they aren't actually the merchant services themselves. Though their parent company can help supply that if you sign up through them.

If it create payment profile successfully then why it not charge the credit card and giving the error 'E00027/ response 207'

The contact and credit card info can be valid, and can create the profile, without the merchant actually allowing a charge to run through. As I said before, is like an interface layer that sits on top of the merchant account.