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Can we update credit card number in ARB?

Can we update all credit card information in ARB.Like credit card number, its exp date and all.Is it possiable in ARB?


Yes. Use the ARBUpdateSubscriptionRequest API call.

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Thanks for reply. One more question can we update amount? I have gone through the update subscription API which allows only 2 things to update i.e card number and exp date.In my application I want to give some discount to the memebers.Is it possiable to update the existing subscription amount or will have to cancel this subscription and create new one?

Hi rose,


Yes, you should be able to update the amount when using the update subscription call. You should be able to update any part of the subscription, with the exception of those noted in the "Input Elements for ARBUpdateSubscriptionRequest" section on pages 14-15 of the ARB guide.





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Thanks Michelle,


Just to confirm. Once I update amount in Autorized.Net.Members will be charged with the new amount on his next billing period.



Yes. As long as the update was successful, they will be charged the new amount on the next billing attempt.

Do i need to update the cvv number while updating credit card number???