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Can we use DPM and CIM together somehow



I have some limited experience using DMP with php website. Works well.


But now, I have a need to use this but *also store the cards* (I guess with CIM) for later use so owner can re-charge the card randomely when needed in the future.


Can we use DPM and CIM together?


How do we best set this up (and have the best pci compliance)?


Hello @coolcat 

It is currently not possible to use DPM and CIM together.  However, you can minimize your PCI scope with CIM using the hosted payment form option.  However, using the hosted form does offer the same control over the user experience.



Administrator Administrator

Thanks for your help,


Yesterday, I spoke to a customer assistance tech person – and while they admitted they were not really an integration specialist they did say that using DPM & CIM together was possible. However they had no idea how to do it. The person said that there was an advanced customer assistance person that I can speak to on Monday that might know more.


I will look into the hosted payment form option. I did see a CIM posted pop up option however that doesn't sound like it would be a good idea as many people use pop-up blockers in their browsers. Is there another version that does not use pop-ups?


I'm still guessing, however would something like this be possible:


I am already using the php DPM which is already processing cards. Here is my question: right after the DPM comes back with a result, is there any way to capture that transaction, in which authorize net *already has all the relevant data* – and somehow transferred that to a new CIM record?


For example, if the DPM comes back with a transaction ID - then is there somehow possibly a way to create a new CIM record from the transaction ID?


I feel that this is a very needed ability to have PCI compliance and safely add CIM records, so that's why I am asking about this.


Any other thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated


Thanks – Dave