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Capture IP Address from JotForm for

 Good morning,


I spoke with yesterday and was instructed to contact you. I am trying to get our JotForm account to link up somehow with our account to populate the Customer IP filed in Transactions Details on The IP Address for each transaction needs to be captured in to activate/use the Advanced Fraud Detection Suite settings: Regional IP Address Filter and Transaction Velocity IP Filter. Capturing the IP Address was suggested by as a means to prevent the testing of our forms on our website. 


I contacted JotForm and they have been unable to come up with a solution. 


An example of one of our JotForms is We use the Integration or Widget through JotForm.


Thank you.


Hello @CFAcadiana


Unfortunately this would need to be implemented by JotForm on their side.  They do capture the submitter's IP address while completing the form but JotForm is not including the address in the transaction request.


It's a great enhancement suggestion for JotForm to increase fraud prevention.  I've forwarded your question to our business development team who works with JotForm to start those conversations.



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