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Capture Swipe data from a WebPage



    All these days I was under the impression, that we have to install in-person SDK to capture swipe data from a card reader. After some random experiments, I installed VPOS2. My initial belief was

that, it would be a Windows (native OS) application.


   Now comes the big surprise . . . . . 

   It is an AngularJS application which runs in a browser and two .js files got loaded in chrome debugger. So, Authroize.Net already has want we want, but for some reason "Authorize.Net" does not want to give it to us.


   This is very confusing. What is that I am Missing?


Thanks & Regards

Pilla Gurumurty Patrudu 



I don’t follow what you are saying. You are saying that you want to run credit card transactions from your web browser by manually entering card numbers? To do this for in-person transactions?
All Star



      Thank you very much for the quick response.


      What the developer community wants is a web page that we can load, which accepts swipe data.

      Your AcceptHosted page works Perfectly, but it does not accept swipe data.


      The VPOS2 is surprisingly a .js and accepts swipe data (it can have a backend windows app, we
      dont care). The problem is we do not know how to customize i.e load data into VPOS2 page 

      programatically. Only mom-and-pop businesses use manual entry, rest of the world is JS-driven.


      If you allow us to customize this page (actually it got loaded as a google extention), 

      the way you do AcceptHosted, we will be delighted and very very happy.


      It will be sufficent, if we can atleast send the "Customer Id" via the url, while loading the VPOS2.


Thanks & Regards

Pilla Gurumurty Patrudu 




I don’t work for, I just do integrations. I kill time on the forum and love this company. It sounds like you are asking for functionality that doesn’t yet exist. There is a forum for ideas and suggestions on this website so you might try that. I would say that your chances of getting implemented would depend on how many others would like this feature. With the massive PCI burden surely has on every single product they offer, my guess is that it is quite far from cheap to make any significant changes to something. They would have to spread the overhead across many customers. But give it a try.