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Reading credit card track data.



We are developing a POS in Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced and going to process card present transactions via Authorize.Net.

For this we are going to use 'Plastic' plugin from 360 works. This plugin has the function that takes the track data as parameter and processes the transaction via Authorize.Net.

Our solution is intended to use on Windows, Mac and iOS devices.

So the information I am looking for is- 'How can we get the track data that we can pass to the plugin function'.

Can we write any program in java or other language that can do it for us. Also which type of Swipe reader will be compatible to get the data easily.

I have searched the web and some forums but couldn't find the answer.

Can someone point me in the right direction about how to capture this data? And from where to start?


Hello hpatel707,

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Not sure if this is what you are looking for but, has a variety of card readers.


Mobile Readers are here:


USB and similar readers are here:


Have seen the IMDB readers integrated into web apps very simply, I believe the mobile readers take a bit more work due to encryption but they do offer an SDK.


Hope this helps.