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Card Present Sandbox API URL



I am doing card present integration and I see this URL


for posting the request. Is this for real account? I have a sandbox account setup, what would be the URL for sandbox account.


Hi simpalmdev,


The POST to URL for sandbox Card Present accounts is the same as it is for Card Not Present accounts:



Thank you,



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Trusted Contributor

Is this still true ?

I have signed up for a Card Present test account and have submitted test requets against the following endpoint:




Here are the params being submitted:


 PARAMS {"x_cpversion"=>["1.0"], "x_login"=>["<my_login>"], "x_tran_key"=>["<my_key>"], "x_market_type"=>["2"], "x_device_type"=>[""], "x_type"=>["AUTH_CAPTURE"], "x_response_format"=>["1"], "x_delim_char"=>[","], "x_encap_char"=>["$"], "x_currency_code"=>["USD"], "x_invoice_num"=>[""], "x_description"=>[""], "x_first_name"=>[""], "x_last_name"=>[""], "x_track1"=>["<some test track data>"], "x_amount"=>["0.10"], "x_test_request"=>["TRUE"]}


I get the following error response message:  "(TESTMODE) The credit card has expired"


The documnetation states that for Card Present transactions that the expiration date is not required if track1 or track2 data is present.  From the PDF:



Customer's card expiration date

Must be supplied if neither x_track1 nor x_track2 data is submitted.


UPDATE:  I gotten the same error when testing against the live endpoint ( usign the x_test_request => TRUE parameter.  Now I am confused about the Card Present transactions in either live or testing scnerios.


Why am I getting this error ?

Test URL

It work fine. You can copy and paste the test URL and put in your loginID and transactionKey to try it.

If you don't have x_track1 the error is 1.0,3,33 Credit card number is required. and not the The credit card has expired.

Are you sure the test track1 data didn't have a expired date in the past?

Thank you for verifying Raynor.  I will make sure that our test data is not coming from an expired card.