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Card Readers for In-Person Windows SDK



We have a question regarding the in-person Windows SDK and compatible card readers.


Per the Github documentation the in-person Windows SDK supports the AnywhereCommerce_Walker and IDTech_Augusta readers.


However the same documentation also says that the encrypted card readers supported by this SDK can be obtained from the POS Portal .


Which readers are supported by the in-person Windows SDK?

It looks like the Walker C2X is compatible per: devices .

Is the BBPOS chipper compatible?


We do not want to utilize the IDTech Augusta reader as we will primarily utilize TSYS processor.


Also, where is the best place to purchase a Walker C2X ?


We have the API's up and running in sandbox mode for card-not-present, but we need to get the in-person Windows SDK up and running with our web app as soon as possible.


Any help or guidance on this is greatly appreciated.


Thank you,