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Charging multiple accounts with a single purchase

So, I'm selling, on a single site, product from multiple vendors, each with their own account. If a customer buys four things, conceivably each will have their own account and each would be charged individually. I understand that requires four separate requests to


The customer, however, will see it as a single thing. Go to site, buy some things.


I want to run this scenario by you all here to have you point out any misunderstandings on my part.


  • It's possible that if a customer buys four things, that they could have $ room on their card for three things and the fourth thing would put them over their limit and the card would be declined. Managing that scenario makes my head hurt.  A solution for that would be to authorize the card for the total sale (all four products) against an arbitrarily selected account from the four, and then modifying the amount at capture time. Is that a reasonable approach?
  • Is the credit card company going to freak out at four essentially concurrent CNP purchases?
  • Is there a way to tell the customer what label will appear on their statement?