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Intermittent relay response "timeout"

Since early March, 2018 the calls to our "relay response" from are triggering E-mails that look like this on about 5% - 20% of our transactions:


    Your script timed out while we were trying to post transaction results to it.

    Transaction ID: 40600965353

    Transaction Result: This transaction has been approved.


We did nothing to our server: no updates, nothing. Also, our Apache logs clearly show that there is no attempt by to even contact our URL with the relay response. There is simply nothing. We are using TLS 1.2


We are not alone. Others on the community forum appear to be experiencing these same errors.

For example:


We wrote to developer support requesting help last Sunday (March 25th, 2018) but got no response whatsoever.


This is starting to look like an issue with one of's servers. What can we do to encourage to take this issue seriously and check their servers and configuration setups?




I strongly recommend opening a case with customer support since you're experiencing this with your production system.  Calling and speaking with a representative will give you fastest service.  Their number is 877-447-3938.



Administrator Administrator

Hello Richard --


Thank you for your response. Before submitting a request in developer support I had indeed contacted customer support, because it was a production issue. They told me to use the developer support. So we're in an infinite loop.


But I do see that you have escalated this issue in another thread:


This is much appreciated, thank you!



We are having the same issue. And it started about the same time. We've also contacted support, which told us to go look in the developers site and the forums. Not much help there either. 


We were thinking to check our firewall, but we cannot even find out the IP address that sends the relay responses to our servers.  Because we know 100% that no relay responses are reaching our servers.


Any ideas would be appreciated.