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Check if Authorize Production server responds

I would like to do a test to see if the Authorize server responds before I submit the transaction info via relay response and DPM, and if it does not respond, then redirect to a custom error page. 


So I wanted to first test out something like this:


 Dim Server4PING As String = ""

            Dim ResultPings As String = ""
            Using p As Ping = New Ping
                ResultPings = p.Send(Server4PING, 5000).RoundtripTime.ToString
            End Using

Of course this isn't actually working. What would be the actual server to ping? I'd like to see if the server is up, and then I'd like to possibly send a test transaction with dummy credit card info to make sure my relay response page and the Authorize server are working. If all of this is a success, then continue on to take the user's payment info.


So is this doable?