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Credit Card Expiration

We're just migrating to CIM and would like to provide our customers a heads-up that their stored credit card will be expiring. I searched the board and found many requests over the past few years that there be an API provide that would give us this info but I don't see anything yet in the API. Any progress on this?  Seems like a basic functionality need for this type of product...




A feature to provide customers notice to update their payment card expiration dates is currently not available in the CIM api.  I've added your contact details an enhancement request.  I suggest you subscribe to this thread to be notified if there are any updates.



Administrator Administrator

This is an enhancement that loads of people have been requesting for years and, although this board is monitored and administrators say they're putting in enhancement requests, there has been absolutely no apparent action on this one for years.  In fact, most people will notice there is little to no feature enhancement on at all.


I can only assume that has no significant roadmap or enhancement intent, because this one is about as simple as it comes and would resolve a whole host of frustration and lost commerce on the part of many a user.  And, as others have suggested, it need not be that they pass back the unmasked expiration date, but simply provide a service that tells you if the card is within a certain number of months of expiration.  It's ridiculously easy and yet there is no apparent attempt to address this issue at all.


I'd love to be proved wrong.


This will probably get deleted by the admin, but by way of example here is what a competitor to does:


A simple enhancement that would make all of our lives easier, but absolutely no apparent intent or urgency on the part of to provide anything like this.