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Credit Card chargebacks?

Is there a way to see if a credit card was charged back through the transaction details api?


If you look at, you will see a field for transactionStatus.



Administrator Administrator

I have been using the transactionStatus quiet a ton.  The question is just regarding chargebacks and how they are currently handled.  I found the following thread:


One of the responses in that thread:


Legacy Statuses:

These transaction statuses relate to services that we have not offered for over 3 years.  Because an Authorize.Net merchant account stores only 2-3 years of history, you will not see these statuses actually returned in any normal operation.

  • pendingFinalSettlement
  • pendingSettlement
  • updatingSettlement
  • chargeback
  • chargebackReversal
  • authorizedPendingRelease

In other words, "chargeback" is no longer a transaction status we can get. So my question is, how does handle credit card chargebacks?

Hello @rreynier 


After some more digging, I confirmed that chargeback is in fact a deprecated transaction status.  I reported this to our documentation team and they plan to include this in the next update.


As for your chargebacks, you will need to work with your  Merchant Service Provider for information on chargebacks. They are the organization that will be able to assist you with credit card deposits, and general decline inquiries.