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Custom Fields and Reports

We are planning on using the Gold Cart for WP e-Commerce plugin to process payments through our AN account. One issue is that we want to pass information back to AN for recovery by the Accounting staff so that they can pull reports from AN that contain the custom field information. So, in addition to the standard who, how much, and CC info, each item created for purchase would contain an Entity Name, a GL Code, and a Department Code that AN would need to capture and hold for reporting purposes. While it looks like I can create custom fields it looks like those fields are for receipt generation or visual feedback. Does the AN database support the ability to have these custom fields be reflected, searchable, and availalbe for download in reports?


Thanks for any guidance


No. don't stored any merchant defined fields. Shouldn't you save that on your own database with the transactionID.


But how can we ensure, that now duplicate transactions are made in case of retry? We were planning to save some paymentId as part of transaction information.


Consider scenario, when our application sends transaction request to executes the charge, and returns the response. But our application crashes before actually receiving and handling the response. Our appliation will be of course restarted, and will see the timed-out payment. So now we need to determine if the transaction was charged or not and we don't have a transactionId for that. So we need to ask what transactions were successfully charged and we need to link these transaction with our internal information. For that reason we would like to save our custom information (being our internal paymentId as part of transaction).


Can you please advice how should we handle this scenario with



You might want to look at Webhooks feature that provides. Webhooks have a retry functionality, so in case your server is down, will retry to deliver the notification to your system.




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