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Customer Receipt and SIM?

Hi All,

In the SIM, after the payment, I need to send a copy of customer's receipt mail to Merchant also. (with item details etc..)

Is it possible?


Pls. help. I neeed it urgently.


Thanks in advance.




You can use Relay Response or Silent Post to get transaction details and then use the programming language of your choice to send the email to the merchant.

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Thanks for your suggestion. I need CC mail of Customer Receipt. For this, is there any option in the account or is this posssible in Authorize.Net ?



Interesting idea, but no. If you want an immediate email yourself as well, you'll have to generate it yourself. As stymiee said, you can turn on relay response for SIM and use that page to generate the email, or you can turn on silent post (see your control panel) and use that instead. Of the two, the silent post page is probably going to be less complicated and maybe less prone to error. Start by just having the silent post page log the POST data it receives (run through a transaction), so you can get an idea of what it looks like and what you have to work with.

The documentation does say this:


In addition, the merchant can receive a transaction confirmation email from the payment gateway at the completion of each transaction, which includes order information and the results of the  transaction. Merchants can sign up for confirmation emails in the Merchant Interface. For more information, please see the Merchant Integration Guide at


I did a search there and found this:


To receive confirmation emails:

1. Log on to the Merchant Interface at
2. Click User Profile under Account in the main menu on the left OR if this option is not available for your account, click Settings in the Account section
3. Click Edit Profile Information OR if you are in the Settings menu, click Manage Contacts in the Business Settings section and click Edit next to the account contact that should receive confirmation emails
4. Click to select the check box labeled Transaction Receipt in the Transaction Emails section
5. Click Submit to save changes


This should work sufficiently well for what you need.