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DPM, Javascript and AJAX

I'm using DPM and have the checkout form populating a dialog div within my application when payment is due. I'd like to avoid the receipt page -- as it would direct the user away from the application -- and have the confirmation of payment response populate inside the same dialog div.


I'm able to submit the transaction successfully using javascript by executing an ajax call that transmits the checkout form's values using the url: ''.


However, I'm not able to receive or parse any kind of response. My question is, how does the 'transact.dll' file respond? Is it capable of responding in the ajax context with a parsable string?


Are you sending Credit Card info back to your server for the ajax call? 'cause the reason for using DPM is the CC info never go to your server.


Sound like you want to mix AIM with DPM, try setting the "Best Practice Fields - Transaction Response" in



No, I just want the response in order to update my server that client has paid. Nothing more.


Since I ran into trouble with the AJAX approach, I implemented the relay url and receipt page. Now I can get the response easily enough in receipt_page.php but accessing the original client session and, therefore, being able to connect to the database isn't possible because the server of origin for the url is Super frustrating.


I guess I'm going to end up wading through every API option -- continuing next with AIM -- and trial-and-error them until something works.


Thanks for your suggestion.

Try using an iframe. Just have your receipt page pop up a success message and then offer a link for hiding the iframe.