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How to get last successfull payment date of ARB

How to get last successfull payment date of ARB subscription using authorize.NET API

You would probably need to set up a callback page, so when charges come in your database can be automatically updated. Then your database will be able to tell you.


sorry what callback page i do and how in my application? r u talking about silent post url?

Yes, sorry, silent post. I can't supply specific code for .NET, but it should just be a regular post - do a var dump to a log file and then run a sample transaction through so you see what the data comes out looking like. The date you can generate yourself, aside from that just check for x_response_code == 1 and then store the subscription ID along with the date.

so u talking to save sub id and date from silent post url. whenever a transaction processed for a subscription i will save from silent post url page? i know how to do is there no way besides silent post url?