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DPM - can't use custom image as submit button?



I ran across a hitch, the fix of which might help others out...


I'm using AuthorizeNetDPM::getCreditCardForm and editing the form in anet_php_sdk/lib/AuthorizeNetDPM.php


I wanted to replace the submit button with a custom image, replacing:


<input type="submit" value="BUY" class="buy submit"> with

<input type="image" src="/images/submitpayment.png" width="133" height="27" />


but I got an error:

Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in <snip>\anet_php_sdk\lib\AuthorizeNetSIM.php on line 37


Using an image submit produces x=, and y= fields in the $_POST, the code around line37 strips off the (arbitrary) first 2 characters the field name, expecting 'x_', hence the error.

Giving the submit image a name attribute helped, but I got other errors, presumably because of the extra field data. I had to add an exclusion clause to the function to ignore fields prefixed with my image name, and it *seems* to be going through, in test at least.


That's after I corrected the other errors in the php sample code of course! Hope this helps someone...


Hey there,


Thanks for the heads up and for the fix. I've forwarded your feedback on to our development teams so they can take a look at what you found.





Developer Community Manager

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Over a year later and it appears this bug hasn't been fixed yet in the SDK.


Here's my recommendation starting with line 34 of AuthorizeNetSIM.php


        // Set fields without x_ prefix
        foreach( $_POST as $key => $value ){

            if( substr($key,0, 2) == 'x_' ){
               $name = substr($key, 2);
               $this->$name = $value;



Just remove the regular submit button and add an image with a bit of Javascript for submitting the form:


<a href="" onclick="document.forms.myform.submit(); return false;"><img src="/images/mysubmitbutton.jpg" width="100" height="30" border="0" alt="Submit"></a>

 Change myform to the name of your form.