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DPM with EChecks - launching 2 transactions from 1 user action

This is my situation - I am constructing an ecommerce website where buyers and sellers will meet. Sellers can pay buyers by credit card, debit card or echeck. The sellers are typically banks. I take a commission for each transaction. I am evaluating payment gateways and I came across DPM with echecks which looks like a solution I can use. I want the buyers information to reach sellers as quickly as possible.


1. What happens with echecks? After I capture the required information from the buyer, can I programmatically create 2 transactions - one for my commission and one for the seller? Will the buyer see 2 transactions in this case in his statement? How does this work?


I am concerned that if I wait for the amount to hit my merchant account and then I transfer it to seller, the time to execute may become doubled. I am also concerned that the sellers may not start their work till the money reaches them.


2. With credit cards, though the information is almost realtime, do I need to do my transactions the same way? Initiate a transfer for my commission and initiate another transfer with sellers?


I know that one way to solve this would be simply send all transactions to sellers and get a daily / monthly settlement from them, but it seems to me that I will be having a counterparty risk.


To this question, I don't think programming language matters but as an fyi it will be php.


You can't do that in, the transaction charge will only go to your merchant bank account.

Talk to your bank to see what the options