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Direct Post Method for CIM??

Is there a reason why no direct-post method exists for the CIM service? I'd prefer not to use an hosted form.


Is there a way to obtain a test account? Or do I have to go through the whole process of setting up a merchant account with my bank just to experiment?

@TJPride wrote:

As for choosing fields, you can do this globally through your account control panel, just not for individual forms.

I gather you're talking about Account -> Settings -> Payment Form -> Form Fields? Since I don't need CIM to gather any of the data listed (only card data), I've removed all checks on the page. However, the "Add a New Payment Method" form is still asking for billing contact information. I only want it to ask for card number, expiration, and CVV. Nothing more.

The hosted forms for CIM cannot be modified.  It is important to be aware that profile validation often requires that the customer's billing address and zip code are entered correctly.