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Direct Post method not intergarting with my site..

Hi, I'm new to the I have got problem with the Direct Post Method Integrating..

My form looks like this.

 <form action="" method="post">

                  <INPUT type="hidden" NAME="x_login" VALUE="3b4RV8dg47">
                  <INPUT type="hidden" NAME="x_show_form" VALUE="PAYMENT_FORM">
                  <INPUT type="hidden" NAME="x_method" VALUE="CC">
                  <INPUT type="hidden" NAME="x_amount" VALUE="24.99">
          *****   <input type="hidden" name="x_description" value="Bravo." />
                  <INPUT  type="image" src="images/icon_authorize_net.png">


I just want to send the field marked with * (an additional field), I don't want the user to enter his/her credit card detials on my web.

Is there any simple way that I can send this information without using the APIs.


Waiting for some positive response from the members!

Usman Saeed..


Usman Saeed

There is no way to direct your customer to the Authorize.Net payment form without using one of the Authorize.Net APIs.  For the type of connection that you are looking ofr, you will need to use the Server Integration Method (SIM) and authenticate to Authorize.Net using a fingerprint.  We have sample code available in multiple scripting languages for generating this fingerprint, it is likely that you can accomplish your goal by simply modifiying one of our SIM sample code packages.

Administrator Administrator