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Drupal: Use UC-recurring+CIM or ARB?

OK, so I'm using Drupal6 Ubercart with's CIM and ARB. Orders are capturing data in both ARB and CIM. But I can't figure out which is best. Both seem buggy with Drupal + Ubercart.


I also have UC_recurring up and running as well, and was going to use CIM to store the CC data, and UC_recurring to charge every month. My billing game-plan is to offer a 30-day free trial, but I'm requiring the customer to enter CC data up front. After the 30-day trial expires, the customer's CC is charged the monthly fee, and then recurring monthly transactions thereafter.


The problem is... there seems to be something wrong with UC_recurring module (or with me in how I set it up) because when i test an order, it just sits in "pending" mode. The order successfully creates a profile in CIM, but for whatever reason UC_recurring is not sending a capture request. For giggles, I set the trial to 1 day and recurring every 2 days. Nothing... Been watching it in "pending" inside for a week now.

I am hoping (please folks), that there's an easy fix here. maybe a setting somewhere? Or maybe UC_recurring is just buggy and broken (there does seem to be a lot of open issues).

My alternative approach is to just authorize the order through ubercart, and then manually create an ARB from the order. This works, but it's 100% manual, and that just doesn't scale... Thoughts?


Sounds like you need UC_recurring to submit transactions as AUTH_CAPTURE rather than AUTH_ONLY. I have no idea what the internal control panels of either are like, but maybe there's a setting for that, or you can just do a find through all the code files for AUTH_ONLY and see if you get lucky finding the one or two lines you would probably need to change.