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Duplicate subscription error when *updating* a subscription?

Our code base tried to update an existing subscription just now and we received the "You have submitted a duplicate of Subscription XXXXXXXX.  A duplicate subscription will not be created."


Is this a valid error when UPDATING an existing subscription?


What the message code? using the SDKs or custom code?

In the documentation

Duplicate Subscription Verification
A duplicate check occurs against every ARB subscription created in an account in order to
prevent duplicate subscriptions from inadvertently being created. The following is a list of
the fields that are verified. If ALL of the verified fields are the same, an E00012 will occur
and the subscription is not successfully created in the account. The duplicate check
verifies for an indefinite amount of time.
 subscription.Article.MerchantID
 subscription.Article.CustomerInfo.Payment.CreditCard.CardNumber
 subscription.Article.CustomerInfo.Payment.eCheck.RoutingNumber
 subscription.Article.CustomerInfo.Payment.eCheck.AccountNumber
 subscription.Article.CustomerInfo.CustomerID
 subscription.Article.CustomerInfo.BillingInfo.BillToAddress.FirstName
 subscription.Article.CustomerInfo.BillingInfo.BillToAddress.LastName
 subscription.Article.CustomerInfo.BillingInfo.BillToAddress.Company
 subscription.Article.CustomerInfo.BillingInfo.BillToAddress.StreetAddress
 subscription.Article.CustomerInfo.BillingInfo.BillToAddress.City
 subscription.Article.CustomerInfo.BillingInfo.BillToAddress.StateProv
 subscription.Article.CustomerInfo.BillingInfo.BillToAddress.Zip
 subscription.OrderInfo.Amount

 subscription.Recurrence.StartDate
 subscription.Recurrence.Interval
 subscription.Recurrence.Unit


Yes, I understand the error.  But my understanding is that it should only happen when CREATING subscriptions.


I got it when UPDATING one.


Any ideas?

If you updating a subscription to match(duplicate) another subscription, isn't it still a duplicate problem?

Ah, that's a good point.  I kind of forgot about this discussion but I am glad I came back and checked it.  Thanks.


I have the same error when I create a new subscription. Yes, I see the list of duplicate properties, but I don't see such objects in your .NET SDK. In fact my subscriptions are very similar, but customerID isn't equal. I set it like:
customerProfileIdType customerProfile = new customerProfileIdType() {
customerProfileId = customerProfileId,
customerPaymentProfileId = customerPaymentProfileId

ARBSubscriptionType subscriptionType = new ARBSubscriptionType() {
amount = 35.55m,
trialAmount = 0.00m,
paymentSchedule = schedule,
profile = customerProfile

Why I can get this error?