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E00007 User authentication failed due to invalid authentication values

Hello. We have this erro when we use Transaction Details API.



><code>E00007</code><text>User authentication failed due to invalid authentication values.</text>

 So I check previous topics with same problem, and I regenerate "transactionKey" many times. but the same error occurs. What I need to check? may be something wrong with another settings?


using the right server url for your loginID/transactionKey?


oh, may be this is bad url: (I just checked)


what is correct API url?))))

That the one for the sandbox test account.

are you passing the merchantAuthentication  with the xml you send?

Yes I use PHP SDK. Sorry, So what the url on production for this request?

yes. Thank you very much.


I found also


magento takes wrong url from class property



We are integrating our Web site with Advanced Integration Method (AIM) using PYTHON for which we
are using a live account and posting the login_id and transaction_key obtained from live account.

We are posting all the necessary details required in a json to this
URL --

We are getting a response saying --

1. (13) The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive.
   -- when posted through urllib

2. E00007: User authentication failed due to invalid authentication values.
   -- when posted through Python package

Please find the code and error attachment, could you please look into this error ASAP & revert back



Have you tried using AuthenticateTestRequest to confirm your credentials are correct?  It's available in the Python SDK or use XML/JSON.