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ECHECK being declined for 103 response reason code

I'm sending an ECHECK message with, what I can tell from the samples should be a fully filled out message. Looking up the response reason code, 103, it says something about not providing a password. The problem is, that I don't seen anywhere in the API or samples where a password is used.


Here's the raw response.


1.0|3|103|This transaction cannot be accepted.||P||0|B4EACCE9DC4FE33547830184B7DEF02E|||||||||||||


Any ideas or is this just an account configuration thing?


103 is

A valid fingerprint, Transaction Key, or password is required for this transaction.


For Echeck is the transactionKey.


I'm now receiving this for a response:


1.0|3|33|(TESTMODE) Bank account number is required.|000000|P||0|E17D34D2A0202418F3EEFEACCA8CFAA7|||||||||||||Bank Account


I am settint the x_bank_acct_num= to a value so what could be the problem now?

If it said it not there, did you check your request to see if it got pass?

Yes. I didn't show the information because I had tried with my real account information. I am sending the bank account number and a valid routing number. Still the error is "Bank account number is required.". I don't understand because the value is there.


I'd first tried with a ficticious number like: x_bank_acct_num=555666. 


For the raw request string:



The response is:


1.0|3|33|(TESTMODE) Bank account number is required.|000000|P||0|E17D34D2A0202418F3EEFEACCA8CFAA7|||||||||||||Bank Account


In the request, you can see that x_bank_acct_num=555666 is set. What am I missing?

Took out all the none required fields as listed in




get the

<response><ResponseCode>3</ResponseCode><Errors><Error><ErrorCode>33</ErrorCode><ErrorText>Bank account number is required.</ErrorText></Error><Error><ErrorCode>33</ErrorCode><ErrorText>Bank ABA routing code is required.</ErrorText></Error><Error><ErrorCode>90</ErrorCode><ErrorText>ACH transactions cannot be accepted by this system.</ErrorText></Error></Errors><AuthCode>000000</AuthCode><AVSResultCode>P</AVSResultCode><CVVResultCode/><TransID>0</TransID><RefTransID/><TransHash>E17D34D2A0202418F3EEFEACCA8CFAA7</TransHash><TestMode>1</TestMode><UserRef/><AccountNumber/><AccountType>Bank Account</AccountType></response>


90 -  ACH transactions cannot be processed using a card present account.


Do they really need the bank name? I don't get that data at all and since our UI is a plain old telephone, there isn't a good way to have the user give it to us.

Do they really need the bank name?

Probably not, it probably for informational only.

Part of the reason I was asking is that the sample does not show setting the bank name but the PDF states that it is required.


The message I get in the delimited response, says that a field is blank but you have additional information that shows that  my test account is not configured to accept checks. How would I change the account settings so that I can test a check payment?

Is you test account Card present account? Then you will need to get a new Card NOT present test account.