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Email not sent when provided on Hosted Payment page

I have set email required to true and the field is shown with an *, however when the email is provided, there is no receipt sent.  Is there another setting I need to set?  I thought that if the email address was required, that a receipt would be sent to the customer.  I am receiving Merchant Email Receipts to the email address I specified in the Merchant account settings but I want the customer to receive an email receipt.




At the endof the hostedpayment page, if you have "{\"showReceipt\": true,  there would be receipt shown when customer has processed the payment. But, Currrently, we dont have the feature to send email to the customer. Feel free to post this in ideas/forum so that this feedback is taken.



Authorize.Net Expert Authorize.Net Expert
Authorize.Net Expert

So the Email Receipts page in the user settings of the Merchant Account is not relevant for the Hosted Payment page?