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Error 92

I have a shopping cart integration that has been working fine for several years. I am now duplicating the integration for an additional product. I have used the same settings in the orginial cart yet I am getting error 92. "The gateway no longer supports the requested method of integration".


The error 92 fix suggestions says that:


 Sending site needs to be a secure site. It is.

The other suggestion had to do with x_delim_data  (I've tried it as 'True' and without it)


Why am I getting this error 92 when i am using the same settings as the integration that have been working for year?



Here are the values I am using: (asp code)


   response.write "<input type=hidden name=x_card_num value='" & session("realcc") & "'>"        

response.write "<input type=hidden name=x_exp_date value='" & rs.fields("exp_date") & "'>"        

  response.write "<input type=hidden name=x_test_request value=TRUE>"                

   response.write "<input type=hidden name=x_Ship_To_Address value='" & rs.fields("ship_address") & "'>"        response.write "<input type=hidden name=x_Ship_To_City value='" & rs.fields("ship_city") & "'>"       

response.write "<input type=hidden name=x_Ship_To_State value='" & rs.fields("ship_state") & "'>"       

response.write "<input type=hidden name=x_Ship_To_Zip value='" & rs.fields("ship_zip") & "'>"       

response.write "<input type=hidden name=x_Ship_To_Country value='" & rs.fields("ship_country") & "'>"               response.write "<input type=hidden name=x_Ship_To_First_Name value='" & rsCustomer.fields("fname") & "'>"        response.write "<input type=hidden name=x_Ship_To_Last_Name value='" & rsCustomer.fields("lname") & "'>"        response.write "<input type=hidden name=x_First_Name value='" & rsCustomer.fields("fname") & "'>"        response.write "<input type=hidden name=x_Last_Name value='" & rsCustomer.fields("lname") & "'>"    

 response.write "<input type=hidden name=x_Address value='" & rsCustomer.fields("address1") & "'>"      

response.write "<input type=hidden name=x_City value='" & rsCustomer.fields("city") & "'>"    

 response.write "<input type=hidden name=x_State value='" & rsCustomer.fields("state") & "'>"      

response.write "<input type=hidden name=x_Zip value='" & rsCustomer.fields("zip") & "'>"    

 response.write "<input type=hidden name=x_Country value='" & rsCustomer.fields("country") & "'>"    

 response.write "<input type=hidden name=x_Phone value='" & rsCustomer.fields("phone") & "'>"    

 response.write "<input type=hidden name=x_Fax value='" & rsCustomer.fields("fax") & "'>"    

 response.write "<input type=hidden name=x_Email value='" & rsCustomer.fields("email") & "'>"


   response.write "<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=x_Relay_Response VALUE=true>" 


response.write "<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=x_delim_data  VALUE=true>"  (this was not being used originally, then I added it - did not change the error)           


response.write "<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=x_Relay_URL value='" & sitelink  & "'>"




Are you using SIM, or weblink?

Simple Integration Method (SIM) Suggestions:

1. You will receive this error if there are variables being sent that are not applicable to SIM. Two of the variables that are most commonly incorrect include:

x_adc_relay_response - the variable name should be sent as x_relay_response
x_adc_relay_url - the variable name should be sent as x_relay_url.

2. You will receive this error if the proper fingerprint hash variables are not being sent with the transaction request. The variables that need to be included (with appropriate values):


These variables are used in creating and then passing the fingerprint hash with the transaction request. Authorize.Net then uses the passed variables and the stored transaction key to attempt to create the same fingerprint hash. If the two fingerprints match, we accept the transaction. If not, the transaction request is refused.

Weblink Integration Suggestions:

You will receive this error if Weblink has been disabled on your account in error. When logging into your account you may be prompted to disable Weblink. However this should only be disabled if you have already successfully upgraded to SIM or AIM. If you have not successfully upgraded, and have disabled the Weblink connection method then transactions from your website will return Error 92.

If you have disabled Weblink in error, please call Merchant Support at 877-447-3938 so we may re-enable the option while you complete your upgrade to SIM or AIM.

For documentation on SIM and AIM please visit


I am using the AIM integration method. I am using same form values used on a shopping cart transaction that is working and has been working fine for years.


Why would I getting error 92 in this new transaction that I am testing?


The code I am using is displayed above.


Thank you.

Ok, I made a mistake - I am using the SIM method and I am missing:




I will fix that and try it out.


Thank you