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Switching from AIM to DPM

I'm on a ColdFusion server, testing DPM.


My transactions are successful and my relay is good.


With AIM I used a CFHTTP POST form and it listened for a response from AN and stored the response like this:

<cfset session.api_response=cfhttp.fileContent> .


Since I'm now making an HTTP POST I'm at a loss as how to gather AN's response - does it come back to the posting page (my checkout form) or is it available to the relay url page? How is it structured so I can put it in my session variable "api_response"? When I try <cfset session.api_response=http.fileContent> I get nothing.


Almost there! Thanks for any help!




DPM response it just like SIM response, so you can get it from the relay response page. On your relay response page just read the posted fields (#Form.) . Here is the SIM response documentation


Thank you RaynorC1emen7. Now i understand! Next I wanted to simply take those form values, (after I "found" them) and insert them into my customer's session struct, but since the relay page where they exist is called by AN, (separate session) I couldn't just do that. Since the redirect is handled by js, the only solution I know of to get them to a page that is in the customer's session is appending them as a query string to the redirect url. Since there is almost always more than one way of doing things am I missing something obvious?

Thanks again!


You can either pass it by query string


on the relay response page repost the values in a form to post to the other page(your site) where you save the session, and use a javascript to post the form on page load.