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Error Code 14

I can't get our customers to submit order with out getting the error code of 14. I don't know what I have to put in the URL. Please answer as soon as possible.





Response Reason Code: 14

Response Reason Text: The Referrer or Relay Response URL is invalid.

Integration Team Suggestions: The Invalid Referrer or Relay Response URL message can be the result of a few different situations that could impact SIM and Weblink users.

SIM Integration Suggestions
Error 14 occurs for SIM users when one or more URLs are specified in your Default Response/Receipt URL settings, but we receive a URL with your transaction that does not match any listed here. In this case the transaction would include the field x_receipt_link_url if you prefer to view our receipt page but provide a link for the customer to use to return to your site. Alternately, the transaction would include the field x_relay_url to specify which web page on your server should be used as the receipt page your customers see.

By designating a Default Response/Receipt URL, you are telling our system to only return results to one of the listed URLs. If the value of either x_receipt_link_url or x_relay_url does not match one of these designated Default Response/Receipt URLs, Error 14 will occur.

While x_receipt_link_url and x_relay_url will work without specifying a Default Response/Receipt URL, it is strongly suggested that you set Default Response/Receipt URLs if you are sending either of these fields, to ensure that only these URLs can be used.

To add a valid Response/Receipt URL, please follow these steps:

    * Login to your Merchant Interface at
    * Click Settings in the main left side menu
    * Click Response/Receipt URLs
    * Click Add URL
    * Enter your Response URL
    * Click Submit

Weblink Integration Suggestions
Note: Weblink is no longer actively supported and is subject to be discontinued in the near future. We strongly recommend that Weblink merchants upgrade to SIM or AIM. For details about upgrading to AIM or SIM, please read the Weblink Conversion Guide at

For Weblink users, Error 14 could indicate that the referrer URL, from which you are submitting transactions, is not listed as a Valid Referrer URL in your Authorize.Net account (this is only applicable to Weblink users).

The referrer URL is the very last page viewed by your customer before being sent to our payment form, or, if using your own payment form, it is the last page before transaction information is submitted to Authorize.Net.

The easiest way to determine what your referrer URL is, is to run a test transaction through your website. When you get to the page where your customer enters their credit card number, look at the web address in your browser bar (

Check the web address of this page. If it is, click Back on your browser bar, then look at the web address again. This url is the one you will need to enter as a Valid Browser Referrer URL.

If the web address of your payment form is not, please continue with the test by submitting your credit card information. Once you have submitted your credit card information and received an approval or decline, look at the web address again. If it says in the address bar, you will need to add Valid Browser Referrer URL's for your website. Click the Back button on your browser and look at the web address again. This is the url you will need to enter as a Valid Browser Referrer URL.

If you do not see as a web address on either the payment form or receipt page, you are using AIM and do not need referrer URL's. In this case, please remove all referrer URL's from your Settings menu.

To designate a Valid Referrer URL:

    * Login to your Merchant Interface at
    * Click Settings in the main left side menu
    * Click WebLink
    * Click Referrer URLs
    * Click on Add URL
    * Add the URL designating the page that should be a valid referrer URL
    * Click Submit

Note: More than one URL may be designated as a Valid Referrer URL.

Also, we recommend adding versions of your URL--both with and without the initial "www"--as many search engines will refer searches to your site without the "www" in front of your domain name.

Another possible cause of this error is that your customer's web browser may not support the ability to pass the Referrer URL to us. In this case, the customer can use a different browser to place the order. The long-term solution for this is to upgrade your connection method to SIM or AIM, as these methods do not rely on customer browser compatibility for authentication.

Other Suggestions: Applicable only to SIM and WebLink APIs. The Relay Response or Referrer URL does not match the merchant’s configured value(s) or is absent.



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I have tried this so many times and still nothing I put what i had in the Default Receipt URL in Default Relay Response URL and still nothing it takes me back to Payment information page it just makes a circl back to it and the URL that it gives me after I submit payment is

I'm using the DPM extension for WooCommerce and I get the following error "3,2,14,The referrer, relay response or receipt link URL is invalid.,,P,0,,,0.01,,auth_capture,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,74399D...." and I'm wondering if your advice for the fix still holds true for my situation. 


From what I understand about what you're saying, the website that is referring (where the checkout page is) to must be a recognized website and/or page in the account?


Is this correct?


If so, then the suggested fix is to input the appropriate data in the appropriate fields. 


My question is, does the fix you suggested for SIM and Weblink the same for the DPM extension with WooCommerce, or is there more I need to consider?