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Getting a "timeout" error on Relay Response

I'm trying to get a DPM integration working with the new hash requirements.  I know I need to upgrade to the newer approach, but I need to get this working before I dig into that.  The problem is that I can't get my development site talking to the sandbox.


I get the standard opaque "timeout" error.  Based on the speed of response, it's not timing out, but this appears to be a generic "something went wrong with the connection" error.


Because of security concerns the development box is behind a firewall, but I've whitelisted the IPs found here: 


I've read and done everything I can think of there (including removing the query string from my relay url.

The problem is that is not calling my webserver after a submission.  However I'm at a loss on how to troubleshoot this further since doesn't provide a real error message nor can I find a tool that would determine why the connection is failing. 

I'm posting here because after pointing me to articles I told them I already reviewed, support told me to post here because "as we are not trained to review your code".

Anybody know how to troubleshoot this?


Hello @kevin2r2sours


You might check first to ensure your URL is publicly available and on standard ports 80 or 443, otherwise it will continue to fail.



Administrator Administrator

As I've mentioned it's not publicly available.  And my admins are not going to approve that for a test site.  I *have* allowed access to the mentioned IP addresses for 

Further conversation with support suggests that the problem is that I'm using an http link for the relay url.  Nothing in the documentation suggests this is a requirement (I'm using https to connect to but if that's the case at least its an answer (requiring a properly signed certificate for a *test* server is seriously annoying but whatever).