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Getting maximum of successful transactions

Hello dear Authorize.NET community,


We are using AIM + CIM to process credit cards. Recently I noticed that we are getting many declined payments in transaction log. Most of them are with status "decliner by issuer", which means we don't have any specific information about why transactions are declined. I know there can be various reasons for that, and in many cases the problem lies on customer's end, but my intention is to eliminate any problem on our side and make it work as smooth as possible. In addition, my attention is brought to the fact that some people told us that their banks treated our transactions as suspicious and declined them. I want to check whether we have any problem on our end. Here are the questions I have:


1. Were there any changes made recently in the banking systems that may cause more transactions to be declined? Are there any known changes in bank policies or technical stuff that affect transaction status (declined or authorized)?


2. When user purchases a product or signs up for our services, before processing a real payment, we submit $1 transaction to validate his credit card. Then if it is authorized successfully, we void it, save his data in CIM profile and process further payments (on recurring schedule until user unsubscribes from our services). The question is can this way make problems by looking suspicious for banks? Is this an acceptable way of handling payments or we should avoid it for some reason?


3. Is there any documentation or article specifically on the subject of getting as much successful transactions as possible, minimizing declined transactions and eliminating risk of transactions looking suspicious to banks?


4. We integrated Authorize.NET into our systems about 4 years ago. The code runs normal, but is there anything that is outdated / changed / improved that should be caught up by our code in terms of getting as much successful transactions as possible?






The more info you can pass the better chance of getting approve.

for example, billing address, CVV code.

And if you use CIM, you could just set the validation mode to live mode on create payment profile to valid the credit card(it does it with $0.01 or $0.00. And not do the AIM $1 test yourselves