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Help with CIM



We are integrating a shopping cart in php.In that shopping cart there are two options .


Tangible vs. non tangible items:

  • Tangible items are manually charged by us at time of shipping.  Time of shipping may be a week after the order is placed.
  • Non tangible items are charged at time of check out automatically.  Non-tangible items are all digital  products.
  • If an order has both tangible and non tangible items, the non tangible items should be charged automatically at check out, but the tangible items should be left alone for manual charge at later date.

Please send some sample code for this .I am integrating with joomla virtuemart .


I would start by downloading the PHP SDK and then looking at the CIM.markdown file in the doc folder for code examples. This will explain how to do everything except use hosted CIM for billing / shipping management, which you should really do so as to avoid PCI requirements. For hosted CIM, you can look in the documentation - see the section on Using the Hosted API.


If you run into problems, you can post specific questions here, you just need to do your homework first.