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Help with error 00007 - James Bond has infiltrated my code :)

Having an issue with an E00007 error during a customer checkout using the CIM system.


Up to the point that the error occurs, here is what has happened:


1.  Account is in Test mode

2. Code has been altered to use Test account data

3. Customer has come to the site and has successfully been issued a customerProfileID using the test system

4. Customer has successfullly added a credit card to the CIM system.

5. Customer places order,  and the system then fires up the request back to AuthNet to get that customers payment option details


Then I get this:

ErrorE00007User authentication failed due to invalid authentication values.


Here is the code I am using to make the getCustomerProfileRequest :


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<getCustomerProfileRequest xmlns="AnetApi/xml/v1/schema/AnetApiSchema.xsd">


Since the system is working as it is supposed to up until this point,  and I don't think that this particular request method uses anything different to make the connection than other methods on the system that are working - I can't figure this one out.


Just to be sure,  here are the actual connection variables in the vars.php file I'm using:


$g_apihost = "";
$g_apipath = "/xml/v1/request.api";


Any ideas why this is happening?  I'm open to suggestions :)





Regular Contributor

That's the correct XML format, and theoretically the correct developer URL. Are you sure you're sending to that URL, and are you sure the login you're using is from a developer account and not a production account? Have you printed it out to make sure it doesn't have a space in it or a missing character or something?


That particular error is for bad authentication values, so you have to be doing something wrong.