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I'm lost. I am using the Customer Information Manager system and am trying to test our e-commerce platform. The system is working correctly in that it creates the customer profile ID, and the individual payment profile ID's (based on the test credit ...
I have my checkout program, using the CIM system, set to Test mode. I've managed to get the following to occur: 1. New customer gets a CustomerProfileID2. That customer can add a credit card to the CIM system using the CIM popup3. Customer can add ad...
Having an issue with an E00007 error during a customer checkout using the CIM system. Up to the point that the error occurs, here is what has happened: 1. Account is in Test mode2. Code has been altered to use Test account data3. Customer has come to...
Here's the short version: I have my test (Sandbox) account set up and, according to the details in it, CIM is turned on.The only option that the sandbox management area gives me in that regard is the ability to turn CIM 'off'. I know CIM is on throug...
I've been struggling with the fact that there is no way to find out (in advance of a purchase attempt) that a customer's CIM record for an individual credit card has an expired expiration date.Here is the solution I'm considering:When a customer is a...
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