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Hosted Page CIM response object

Is it possible to get the payment Profile ID in the response after closing the hosted form, without explicitly calling the getpaymentprofileID() method in cim.


No. The hosted form does not communicate this information directly, so the profile ID can only be obtained by an explicit request to getCustomerPaymentProfiles.

Administrator Administrator



I have same question.


If user will create payment ptofile and after creating payment profile successfully, can we get that payment profile id when pop up is closed?


If Yes,

    then can i use that id and in backgroud make the payment using that payment profile id?


If No,

   Please give us alternate solution. How can i access that payment profile id when  pop up is closed?


Thank you.



Can you please reply of my last posted questions?


I want to access json response (when user add new payment profile then in console there are displayed the response).How can i access that response as i have use the sample code from following link,


& use following sample code.


CIM - Hosted popup for managing payment/shipping


Can anyone reply soon so i can go ahead.


Thank you.