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How do I link navigation item directly to simple checkout page?

Hi I need help linking a navigation item to a simple checkoutpage. Our website has donate buttons that use forms, how welink directly to thesite via a navigation it thesame?  My client wants to linkdirectly to the


You can't use a link to a simple checkout item, it have to be a form post.


Ok thanks, do you think a page redirect would work? 

Let me clarify, what if I send them to a page that redirects to the form, is this possible? 

<form name="PrePage" method = "post" action = ""> <input type = "hidden" name = "LinkId" value ="getYourOwn" /> <input type = "submit" value = "Buy Now" /> </form> 


for simple checkout, all you need is a web page, and copy and paste the form post code.

I am using Wordpress. Are you famailar with that framework. The only flexibility I have is to specify a customlink. The client wants to link from the navigation to the simplecheckout page. 


I am trying to keep from creating a static button in the navigation menu. 

Oh wait, so I can embed this into a page on Wordpress?

This is the site.


This is the page they want to linkto  


and we use this form to get there


<form name="PrePage" method = "post" action = ""> <input type = "hidden" name = "LinkId" value ="1d528a84-6c47-4d67-80a3-0e65764a9da1" /> <input type = "image" src="" /> </form>


they want the navigation link to take them straight to a page to make adonation not a two step process.


Is it possible to embed this page on the site?



Not possible, it need to get the $ amount on the first page to get to the second(CC entry screen).


Hello - if possible could you explain the why behind this process? I need my members to click the button and pay an invoice - the link could be redirected to - please provide some details - I want to know the why of this matter. Thanks & Regards