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How do I mark a field as Required?

Seems like this would be covered in the documentation, but I can't find it anywhere.  I need to mark some of my additional fields as Required, but can't find any way to do it.  I'd call support, but I haven't had much luck with that.  Yesterday I called and asked how to add a custom field, and was told "it's not possible."  (It is possible.  It is, in fact, very easy.)


Anyway, I'd really appreciate it if anyone can tell me how to make my fields Required.  :)  Thanks in advance.



SIM.  In AIM, I just Validate the way I'd Validate on any other form that I personally have control over.  :) 


I see from the link that I have to do it through the Merchant Interface. Thanks.  


Unfortunatley, I'm just their Designer, and don't have access to the account itself, so I'm going to have to throw it back to the Client, but at least now I know the answer.  I figured maybe there was a way to do it in the pre-form code.


Thanks again, TJPRIDE!