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Where can I see my balance from my test sales?

I have done several test transactions and they have shown up as settled.  But where can I see the balanace from the sales?  Is there a page in the real live merchant account that allows the merchant to withdraw the funds to a bank account?  In other words, how do I get my money?


I don't know about test accounts, but in live accounts you tie it to a bank account and all the money goes there. Account fees also come out of the account. So it should be as simple as checking the balance on your bank account - assuming you have one set up just for this (which I recommend for security reasons) and take the money out in easily-recordable chunks. You should also be able to go to Reports -> Transaction Statistics and then run reports for a time range between two settlement dates, including the number of charges and the total amount.


Ok.  Now I understand.  I found this page that explains it.

I thought was like Paypal where you accumulate money from your sales and you withdraw it from your Paypal account to a bank account.  Apparently not.  Thanks for the reply.