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How to capture CC info and not charge unless they don't cancel or they are a no show.

I'm working on an event site where the client would like the participant to enter their credit card info in order to reserve their spot. They don't want their credit card to be charged unless the participant is a no show or doesn't cancel, therefor their card gets charged.


Can do that? If so, which API would work for this?


Any advice or help would be great!




I've been reading the CIM documentation and I'm confused on how to get started. Can someone steer me in the right direction? The html form is completed and the site is live, just need to implement the CIM for the credit card info.

There are sample code to get your start


Ok, so we are doing a different approach. We are going to store their CC info in our database and if they are a no show or don't cancel then we will charge it on Does have any CC validation code to check the users credit card info to make sure it's legit?



If you are planning to store sensitive data in your database, please be certain to know and understand the PCI DSS requirements.  You can learn more about his in our training video for standards, compliance and security.


I would also recommend having a conversation with your QSE regarding compliance.



PCI DSS requirement would be your biggest issue.


Does have any CC validation code to check the users credit card info to make sure it's legit?

The only true way to see if a CC info is legit is to do a transaction. Which CIM can do it for you if you set validationmode to livemode.

Or if you want to do it yourself, a $0.01 AIM auth_only. And there is a  transaction fee for each transaction in CIM or AIM.

If it fails the Luhn check, I don't think you get charged the $0.10 transaction fee. It has to be a valid card number and fail on some other criteria, like incorrect card code, insufficient balance, etc. for you to get charged. And no, there's no way to check that except to pass it to the merchant, so you can't avoid the $0.10 there.