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How to get rid of continue button on hosted page in iframe

We have integrated the hosted page setup into an iframe in a java app and we are using webhooks to get the result notification back to our server, but I have not been able to get any setting to work in turning off the "continue" button that comes up after the user completes the payment.


Our app will redirect the page after receipt of the payment by the webhook, but we do not want the button showing to the user thinking that something will happen if they press the button, which we have never been able to get to do anything anyway.


Thanks for any help,



Please check this page 




When the showReceipt parameter is true, our system will display a receipt page after the transaction, with a "Continue" button that points back to the URL provided in the url parameter.


When showReceipt is false, a return URL must be provided in the url parameter. Otherwise the receipt page will be shown.


Important Note:


If the payment form is not embedded in an IFrame, the receipt page will be displayed and cannot be disabled, regardless of the value of showReceipt.


I hope it will help you.



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Hey Shograw,

I am using an iframe and these are what I am setting on the call to the get the hosted page:


SettingType returnOpt = new SettingType();
returnOpt.setSettingValue("{\"showReceipt\" : false, \"url\": \""
+ responseURL
+ "\"}");

ArrayOfSetting alist = new ArrayOfSetting();

GetHostedPaymentPageRequest apiRequest = new GetHostedPaymentPageRequest();

GetHostedPaymentPageController controller = new GetHostedPaymentPageController(apiRequest);

GetHostedPaymentPageResponse response = new GetHostedPaymentPageResponse();
response = controller.getApiResponse();


I think what I am setting are the values for "hostedPaymentReturnOptions" are what you say, but they have no impact on what shows in the resulting page.  I have been trying all options I could find and nothing I set has had any impact on getting that payment result to go to a url.  


Am I setting the wrong thing to get it to go to my URL?


Also, the link you listed in your answer goes to a error message that the page cannot be found, I think they changed their site structure.


Let me know if you see something I am missing.




My apologies some how link got a white space,


Removed white space:-


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Thanks for the push, the problem was I had commented out adding the returnOpt to the message list. 


But I have it hitting my posting page, but I cannot find anything on what the format /content of the data is that is sent from the response url.  I have been trying to use webhooks, but according to their support the api has a problem that it does not send back the refId in transaction details, so I have no way to link a webhook to my data.  I am hoping I can figure out how to get my refId with the transaction ID from the hostedPaymentReturnOptions method, but have to know what is coming back.


Can you point me to where I can find info on what it sends to the listed url on completion?


I just can't believe this is really this hard, but I cannot find what I am missing in the process to get the results of a transaction to link back to my system.


Thanks for all your help

We are aware that RefID field not showing up in TransactionDetailsResponse(including webhook) for HostedPaymentPage. This would be addressed in upcoming release. please follow the thread for the workaround.


If you are looking for the transaction response object, you can get hold of it

by passing show_reciept =false  as part of hostedPaymentReturnOptions in the request .

Checkout here



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