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How to pass the cardCode value to createCustomerProfileTransactionRequest for hosted CIM popup form?

I am using the Hosted CIM to store customer information, do not store the CCV cardCode in the CIM.

How do I get the cardCode (entered via the CIM hosted popup form) so that I can process the createCustomerProfileTransactionRequest?

I have not required the CCV code, but transactions fail with the banks that require the code.

I am using the hosted CIM, I query the Customer ID and get the payment profile info using the below code:

            'transaction' => array(
            'profileTransAuthCapture' => array(
                'amount' => $amount_,
                'customerProfileId' => $profile_id,
                'customerPaymentProfileId' => $paymentProfileID,
                'customerShippingAddressId' => $customerShippingAddressId,
                'order' => array(
                'invoiceNumber' => $invNo,
                'description' => 'Subscription'/*,
                'purchaseOrderNumber' => 'PO1'*/
                'taxExempt' => 'false',
                'recurringBilling' => 'false',
                'cardCode' => '000'


since the CCV is not return with the get payment profile, you have to ask the customer again. What error are you getting from those bank?


The banks are not approving the transactions and am getting: Card Code Status: No Match - error


What I am doing is getting the popup form to load and in the process creating a customer profile, then asking for the payment details in the popup form and upon closing the form processing the payment.


So I query the customer profile to get the card details to process payment but then the CCV number is not retrieved with the payment profile.

just to be clear, on the merchant settings, "Card Code Verification (CCV) Settings" nothing is checked?

Yes, nothing set there!

you are not trying to pass the masked CCV or all 000 to the createCustomerProfileTransactionRequest are you?

I seem to be passing the following: 'cardCode' => '000' from my code above.


From what I recall if I have no value in the 'cardCode' => '' then the transaction fails with an XML error.


This might be the cause of the mismatch error, but how do I get the correct CCV number to the bank?

If you don't have the correct value, remove it. The xml will fail if the XML node is out of sequence, but you can skip anything that don't have value.

The only way right now is to call the customer to get the CCV every time.

So should I do the following?:


  'taxExempt' => 'false',
                'recurringBilling' => 'false',
                'cardCode' => ''



Is that php? not sure, but I think is something just like


'taxExempt' => 'false',
                'recurringBilling' => 'false'