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How to remove "Shipping Information" from CIM (Hosted Management)



I was able to display the correct customer info by using CIM's Hosted Management tool. This brings up the 2 blocks (where the client could manage their information):


- Payment Information

- Shipping information


Is there a way to remove the Shipping Information part? (i'm handling the shipping address locally, and it would be confusing to the user if that would display)


I tried to remove it with simple CSS, but did not work.







Go into your account control panel, go to Settings -> Transaction Format Settings -> Payment Form -> Form Fields. Should be obvious from there.




thank you. yes, unfortunately I already did that, but it's still showing up (and I can click on the ADD NEW SHIPPING ... and the form comes up with all the fields too)


my settings currently look like this:



Is it just the shipping header that isn't going away? Raynor posted a hack for that back in March of last year, though I haven't checked to see if it still works:

well, if I could remove that header it would help (cause they wouldn't be able to create shippping addresses), but no matter what I do with the CSS (as suggested in that post) nothing changes. Addresses still show up.


I added the CSS to both of the html files i have (examplePage.html and empty.html)

Have you look at the other Hosted CIM sample?

CIM - Hosted popup for single payment/shipping


It give you more control but also make the coding more complicated.



yes, that's what I was trying to avoid. It gives me the ability to do more custom stuff (only display the Billing form), but I have to code more.


alright, I guess there is no easy way out :)


thank you (for both of you)



IMHO,  if you don't need shipping information you have to submit form to or Both sections will be displayed if you submit it to


Disclaimer: I haven't tested it myslef.



I am having this same problem.  I am doing shipping locally, and I want to remove all mention of shipping from the popup when I call AuthorizeNetPopup.openManagePopup();


Changes made to the payment form on my test account have no effect.


I've been struggling with this for a while, any help greatly appreciated!