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How to update what SSL security certificate we are validating with authorize to the new one

Can anyone please provide me some direction and I apologize if this is in another thread. Yesterday, our websites stopped connecting to our gateway provider ( After chatting with them all day and our hosting provider, I am still at a loss. 


Our hosting / ssl cert provider (MediaTemple) has verified our ssl certs are TLS 1.2 or higher and are all valid.


Everytime I chat with support at, they tell me the following:


"You would need to update what SSL security certificate you are validating with us to the new one."


"I do apologize, you need to update the certificate that you are verifying when you send information to Authorize.Net to our current on. Our current certificate is available by running an scan against our endpoints."


"It's possible that your certificates meet our requirements. However, if you are seeing an SSL or connection error, you may need to update your validation against our certificate, as you may be validating against our old certificate that we are no longer using."


Can someone please provide me some direction in terms of updating our current SSL certs to ensure they're validating against the new vertificate and not the old one?


Any help would be appreciated...


Yeah, I got the same bogus and useless support reponses from ANET.  Check out the other support thread, "Why Why Why..." here:


I fixed my issue using this thread.


The solution was easy, once you know what to do.  It's just the direction from ANET stinks and does not tell you anything about "what" you actually need to do.  Plus the fact this was NOT announced (unlike the TLS 1.2 upgrade) and has put probably hundreds if not thousands of their clients in a similar situation was terrible.  I'll bet this will snowball even bigger over the next few days as everyone who is having this same issue realizes it!