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Integrate Akamai

I am trying to integrate Akamai SureRoute in our system. 


1.I have read that url is changing from to On another blog I found that I can still use the same url

2. I am using coldfuson 10. On this link


I found out that I need to run Java 1.8 I do have 1.7 . Do i need to update to 1.8?


And what else would I Need to make a smooth transition


In your email you state, "If you'd rather wait until June 30, don't change the URL and we'll take care of the rest."  I am using AIM in one of my sites.  Does this mean that I can ignore the announcement?  And, where do I find information about what "Akamai SureRoute" is?!?



We've created a technical FAQ for developers regarding Akamai SureRoute:



The following is in my WP plugin:


This URL needs changed and the way that I read it I can do that immediately instead of waiting until June 30.  Correct?

Basically, my understanding was I can keep everything as is and on June 30 will already make an adjustments to the existing url 

@dev-usa @tsomik1


You are both correct.  Your options include changing to the new endpoint, or do nothing and the existing endpoints will be sent through Akama SureRoute automatically.



I was reading this thread because it mentioned the AIM endpoints


Old -

New -



I have a ColdFusion 10 application using the AIM method and Post Form Fields using CFHTTP.


It works today using "". Will it continue to work after June 30th?


The reason I ask is because we did change it to "" a few months ago and it worked until the middle of this month (June). We had to revert back to the old endpoint.

@alambert-wf We've changed our Akamai strategy, and have moved to opt-in, without a deadline. This means that we won't be switching to Akamai SureRoute.

That said, should certainly work fine. Did you report the issue you encountered? Is there a chance you saw an HTTP 403 error?

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