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Invoice number / customer id is missing in



We have been using since a long time. In May 28, 2013 we had a transaction with missing invoice number and customer id. Without invoice number/ customer id,  we were unable to locate that record in our database and failed to update that record after sucessful transaction in . This is first the first time it happened in


We are using SIM integration method with payment form . Before populate payment form , we also create invoice  number / customer id, save in our database and send all the information to populate the payment form. everyday more than thousand transaction. So far all other transaction is fine, Only one transaction we have problem, missing invoice number and customer id. In report, it shows invoice number * and customer id * .


I have checked all the log file in our servers In our database we have customer id / invoice number . How come it is missing in payment side.





Hello Abu,


I would suggest sending the relevant details to so they can take a closer look.



Administrator Administrator